Chairman's Message

Nepal Medical Council was established in 2020 (1964), by the act No: 35 and in exercise of the powers, conferred by Nepal Medical Council act, Government of Nepal had framed its rules in the same year. In 2024(1968), Government of Nepal declared the regulations of Nepal Medical Council by publishing in “Nepal Gazette”. Till date there were four amendments of Nepal Medical Council act, as per changing trend of medical education and medical services throughout the world including Nepal and the last amendment was held in 2057(2001).

In the present context, considering national, regional and global trend, I think, the major responsibilities of Nepal Medical Council are: (i) Standardization of Medical education (academics), (ii) standardization of medical practices (health services), (iii) encourage and compel all medical doctors to follow the code of medical ethics and finally (iv) disciplinary action, whenever there will be violations of medical ethics and discipline.

To meet all above mentioned responsibilities, Nepal Medical Council has already started to work on it, specially for the standardization of medical education and medical practices and some preliminary positive results are coming up. On top of these activities, Nepal Medical Council is going to introduce “continuous professional development” (CPD) programme, to all doctors working within the country in near future, to upgrade their existing knowledge and skills  which ultimately improves the overall quality of health services provided by them.

Considering rapid development/change of medical services in national, regional and global context, specially changing trend from in-patient care services to out-patient/day-care services, Nepal Medical Council is in the process of revision of existing guidelines of DM/MCh and MBBS/BDS programmes, with the help of experts from universities, academies, institute, Ministry of Education and Health, medical educationists, stakeholders and experts working in these field.
Likewise, standardization of existing licensing and specialty examination, in terms of evaluation of knowledge, skills and attitude is another fundamental task of Nepal Medical Council for the assurance of quality medical education and quality health services.
In the recent era, Nepal Medical Council is also moving towards “IT friendly” organization. By keeping all information (academics, health services, code of medical ethics, regulatory guidelines and requirements etc) in its “web site”, which will be accessible for doctors, stakeholders and the general public, that will make the activities of Nepal Medical Council more transparent and efficient. On-line submission of licensing examination form in the last licensing examination is one of the steps of utilization of IT in Nepal Medical Council.

To fulfill the responsibilities given by Government of Nepal and to achieve our goal, we have to conduct a lot of collaborative works with national and international organizations for which existing infrastructures of the Council are not adequate at all. For the expansion of its infrastructures Nepal Medical Council is constantly in touch with concern Ministries of Government of Nepal.

Finally, existing team of Nepal Medical Council is constantly working together with authorities of universities, academics and institutions, academicians, health service providers, stakeholders and consumers, just to achieve our noble goal which ultimately leads us to “Healthy Nepali”.  In this regard, I humbly request all the concern personals to advice us for the upliftment of overall medical education and health services in the country.

Dr. Dharmakanta Banskota

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